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Cake Ordering Guide

Call or text 217-417-8577 to place an order

Our original recipes demolish gluten-free taste & texture stereotypes: Nobody will ever miss the gluten. Want proof? Check out our reviews, or, better yet, give us a try. We're sure you'll want to stick around.

To place an order, call or text 217-417-8577

Layer Cakes

Layer Cakes

 (* = available in DAIRY FREE upon request)

Round. 4-layers high. Bare sides showcase the layers.

Attractive studio finish on top (unless customized).

Simple Layer Cakes (cake + buttercream)

 6" (serves 10-12) $32. 8" (serves 15-20) $37. 10" (serves 25-30) $55

(4" baby smash cakes and 12" cakes also available).

Double Chocolate*: Our signature "homegrown" chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.  

Black & White*: Our signature chocolate cake + vanilla buttercream. Looks amazing!

Double Vanilla*: You'll-never-believe-this-is-gluten-free. vanilla cake + vanilla buttercream

Confetti Vanilla*: Our vanilla cake blended with rainbow sprinkles, topped with vanilla buttercream and more sprinkles. Perfect for any celebration!

Double Lemon*: Lemon cake + lemon buttercream. Bright and balanced with just enough zing.  

Carrot Cake*: Classic. Loaded with carrots. Lightly spiced. Cream cheese buttercream. 

Brown Sugar-Cinnamon*: Brown sugar chiffon cake + cinnamon buttercream.

Coconut*: Soft & creamy coconut cake with coconut buttercream & coconut shreds

Strawberry-Rhubarb (April- July)*: (simple) an abundance of real fruit pureed and blended right into the batter. Layered with strawberry-rhubarb buttercream. 

Orange Creamsicle (May-August)*: (simple) Orange chiffon cake batter with creamy orange buttercream.

Blackberry Swirl (June-September)*: (simple) seedless blackberry puree swirled into a lemony cake batter. Blackberry buttercream. 

Pumpkin (September-December)*: (simple) A light, soft pumpkin cake with a hint of spice + cream cheese buttercream

Red Velvet (November-February): (simple) deep red, light chocolate cake paired with cream cheese buttercream

Deluxe Flavors (Cake, buttercream, plus add-ins)

6" (serves 10-12) $35. 8" (serves 15-20) $50. 10" (serves 25-30) $68

Cookies 'n' Cream*: vanilla cake with crumbled chocolate sandwich cookies baked into the batter, and cookies on top. Vanilla buttercream.

Salted-Caramel-Pretzel: brown sugar chiffon cake with caramel buttercream, buttery pretzel crunch, and a drizzle of dulce de leche.

Quadruple Chocolate: Double chocolate PLUS chocolate milk crumbs and dark chocolate ganache drizzle.  

Vanilla Milkshake: Double vanilla PLUS milk crumbs and white chocolate ganache drizzle.  

Black & White Cookie*: Black & White cake PLUS crumbled cookies between layers & on top.  

Deluxe Carrot*: Classic carrot cake loaded with toasted walnuts and golden raisins. 

German Chocolate: light, buttermilk chocolate cake with a swirl of chocolate buttercream and the classic buttery, caramel-y, coconut-pecan filling.  

White-Chocolate & Raspberry: vanilla cake with raspberries baked in, layered with raspberry jam, vanilla buttercream, and white chocolate ganache. 

Raspberry-vanilla*: The DF version of above-- raspberry-vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, raspberry jam.  

Chocolate-cherry*: chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, cherry filling 

Vanilla-cherry*: vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, cherry filling

Lemon-Blueberry (March-June)*: (deluxe) whole blueberries baked into lemon cake batter, with blueberries on top.  

S'Mores Cake (August-November)*: (deluxe) Grahammy-brown-sugar cake, chocolate buttercream, toasted marshmallow fluff, chocolate pieces. 

Andes Chocolate Mint (December-March): (deluxe) chocolate cake with chocolate & mint-swirled buttercream, Andes mint bits. 


Cupcakes are available in all the same flavors as cakes.  In our store, cupcakes may be purchased in any quantity, mixing & matching flavors.  For ordering ahead, please order a minimum of 6 cupcakes per flavor.  (Ex:  an order of 2 dozen cupcakes may include up to 4 flavors).  

6 cupcakes: $21.25

1 dozen cupcakes: $40.00

18 cupcakes: $58

2 dozen cupcakes: $75.00

3 dozen cupcakes: $105

$30 per additional dozen

 ***DAIRY FREE? ***

Most of our cakes listed above (with an *) can be made in a dairy free version. (Note: We will substitute DF vanilla "buttercream" wherever cream cheese buttercream is listed.) 

Customize Your Layer Cake

Add an inscription (no charge)

Add sprinkles (no charge)

Fully Iced with Smooth icing, rustic horizontal spatula striping, or combed icing all around:

Add $10 for 6" cakes / $12 for 8" cakes / $16 for 10" cakes

Fully iced with patterns (rosette swirls, star-tip piped stripes, petal-patterned icing, etc):

Add $15 for 6" cakes, $18 for 8" cakes, $24 for $10" cakes

Cover it in a full coat of sprinkles (rainbow-colored sprinkles, or your choice of a combination of up to 4 sprinkle colors that we have on hand)

Add $15 for 6" cakes / $18 for 8" cakes / $24 for 10" cakes

Add Fresh Fruit between layers (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, sliced strawberries, or mixed berries):

Add $8 for 6" cakes / $12 for 8" cakes / $16 for 10" cakes

Add fresh fruit on top only

Add $3 for 6" cakes / $5 for 8" cakes / $7 for 10" cakes

Add chocolate drips around the perimeter (white or dark chocolate, dripping beautifully down the sides)

Add $7 for 6" cakes / $8 for 8" cakes / $11 for 10" cakes

Custom colors and themes:   Please contact us for a quote.

RegCakes does not copy fancy designs, licensed characters, or logos. But we can...

1) Play with color (Classy ombre? Team colors? Gender Reveal? Party-theme color matching?) 

2) Add flowers (Pretty roses or decorator's choice)

3) Set you up with a background for you to add your own figurines (EX; we do glittery swirls-- you add "Sweet 16" topper; we do dirt & grass-- you add construction trucks; we do green scales -- you add dinosaurs; we do red & black background-- you add Pokemon figures, etc.)