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Cake Ordering Guide

We bring the art of baking to life!


Our kitchen is a dedicated gluten-free facility. All of our ingredients – down to the sprinkles & spices – are chosen very carefully to avoid any chance of gluten contamination. You can enjoy any of the products we sell in our bakery with complete confidence that they are 100% gluten free!


In the RegCakes kitchen we use tons of real, creamy, whole, dairy products! BUT we are proud to offer a very wide selection of Dairy Free products. All tools & equipment are washed between uses, and Dairy Free products are generally stored separately from dairy products (Except, for example, when they get into the cupcake case, where we keep Dairy Free cupcakes on the top shelf). 

Most of our cake flavors can be requested in Dairy Free, with a few exceptions on toppings (such as ganache, pretzel crunch, and cream cheese icing). The Dairy Free frostings use a butter-flavored margarine-like substitute for the butter.  


Many of our products are very egg-rich, because eggs are very helpful in giving structure to gluten free baked goods. We currently only offer one egg-free (vegan) cake:  Raspberry-almond-chocolate chip cake.  

For egg-free deliciousness, try one of our other vegan products: chocolate chip cookies or 12" cookie cakes; vegan cinnamon rolls; vegan brownies; or vegan pizza-rolls; or select other egg-free products such as naan flatbread, pizza & pizza crust dough.  

None of our frostings use egg whites. Currently, all of the eggs we used are fully baked.  


All of our icings contain soybean oil with one exception: Cream Cheese buttercream. Just avoid sprinkles & embellishments, which may contain soy.  

As for the other baked goods: even if there is no soy in the batter or dough, most other products are baked in pans sprayed with an oil spray that contains soy lecithin. However, we do have a couple of cookie options that are completely soy free, baked on unsprayed parchment, and have no sprinkles: Lemon Cookies, snickerdoodles, and Persimmon-orange-spice Cookies. Also soy free are blueberry coffee cakes, pizza crust dough.  


RegCakes is NOT a nut-free facility. 

The only nut flour we use is the almond flour in our vegan cupcakes; But we do use almond extract in MOST of our cakes & buttercreams. (A few exceptions include chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, carrot cake, red velvet cake, and cream cheese buttercream).  

We use pecans and walnuts in a few products.

We currently do NOT use peanuts or any peanut products in our bakery. However, some of the components we add into our recipes (such as glutino crushed lemon wafer cookies) are packaged with a peanut-shared-facility note.  

There are many nut-free products in our bakery (cookies, donuts, muffins, breads, etc.) but it is up to you how comfortable you are with our use of tree nuts and peanut-shared-facility-add-ins in our kitchen. The only allergen we can 100% rule out is gluten.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are All Your Products Gluten Free?ARE ALL OF YOUR PRODUCTS GLUTEN FREE?

    Yes. Every. Single. Thing.

  • Can I place a special order?

    Yes, we accept special orders for events such as weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. Please give us a call or visit our store to discuss your specific needs.

  • Do you use nut flours?

    The only things in our bakery that contains any nut flour are the vegan cupcakes, which contain almond flour. Otherwise, no nut flours!

  • Do you make any vegan cakes?

    All of our cakes contain eggs EXCEPT for our vegan raspberry-almond-chocolate-chip cake.

  • What kind of sugar do you use?

    We use cane sugar, honey, and sweet potatoes.

  • Do you make any sugar-free or lower-sugar desserts?


  • Are gluten free cakes better for you than “regular” cakes?

    They are only healthier for you if your body has a problem with gluten. Aside from being gluten free, there is nothing about our baked goods that is any less sugary, lower fat, or generally healthier than their gluten-containing counterparts. On the other hand, when you buy freshly baked goods from RegCakes, you are getting things made from real, whole, fresh ingredients, without all the processing and preservatives you might find in other big-name grocery store Gluten Free products. We’ll count that in the “healthy” column :)

  • Why do i keep hearing about sweet potatoes at RegCakes?

    We use roasted sweet potato puree in almost all of our cakes, and many of our breads, as well. We’ve found that this improves texture, shelf life, flavor, and is a great substitute for some of the more refined sugars & starches that would otherwise be added. In order that our products do not all turn out orange, Regina & her family grow hundreds of white-fleshed sweet potato plants at their home every year. It’s been a RegCakes tradition since 2015.

  • Do you use artificial colors?

    Yes. Sometimes we add artificial colors to our products to make them look awesome.

  • Do you use artificial flavors?

    No. (mostly). We pride ourselves on adding only real, natural flavorings to our recipes. Sometimes this is extracts, and other times it’s whole fruits & fruit purees. This is an expensive way to bake, but we feel that it makes a worthwhile difference in the flavors of our finished products. You’re tasting real vanilla, real orange, real lemon, real coconut, real berry puree, etc. That said, there are a few products we add into our recipes that do contain artificial flavorings, such as cookie crumbs, lemon wafers, and sprinkles.